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We at Techugo provide every essential element that will help you grow ahead while fighting against all the rivals and leaving them behind, and for that, our main aim revolves around creating intuitive, life-like, and captivating experiences for your users worldwide. While considering all the essentials you need, we turn your product into a future-proof solution that will positively impact your business growth and success ratio. That’s not it; our expertise is way beyond what you have ever thought of, and here is proof of the same:

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The righteous people who will help you go beyond your limits are available at none other than Techugo, a leading video streaming app development company. From the initial consultation to the last support & maintenance and even after that, we will make sure to support you in every way and protect your ambitious eyes from challenges and other threats. Bring the best effects, colours, and life to your app idea with our developers at Techugo and stun your end-users like never before. Here is what you will get at the one-stop solution, Techugo.

Streaming App
Video Streaming App
Streaming App

Video Streaming App Consultation

Have any doubts about whether this app idea will work or not? Don’t be worried! We will help you sail smoothly. Just get in touch with our team at Techugo, a leading video streaming mobile app development company, share your app idea, consider our recommendations and further improvements to it, and you are all set to prepare an armour against all the challenges that earlier prove to be some stoppages. So, what are you waiting for? Book a consultation today.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Platform Development

We are proficient as a live video streaming app development company as our capabilities are scattered to all kinds of needs and requirements. Just bring forward what you want to add to your dream solution, and our experts at Techugo will craft the same to help you target a wide range of audiences from all verticals, like gaming or events. To acknowledge a success-driven path with your own live-streaming platform, go no further than Techugo.

Video Streaming App
Live Streaming

On-Demand Video Streaming

The thought of discovering and finding a wide range of entertainment sources at our own fingertips turns all possible now with the amalgamation of some dynamic technologies. And guess what? We will also help your end-users experience a seamless live-streaming experience on numerous devices, from the timeless classics to the latest classics, without neglecting the HD quality. So, what makes you stop there? Just book a consultation with Techugo and avail video streaming app development services from us.

Music Streaming

Music Streaming App Development

To help you touch the soul and heart of your end-users just like the music does, we create a terrific and robust music streaming app. If you are looking for music streaming app development services, there is no place better than Techugo; we craft apps that let your end users enjoy the rhythm of music with the tunes of technologies. Excited to be a part of the digital music industry? Get in touch with our live video streaming app development company.

Custom OTT

Custom OTT Platform Development

Use our custom OTT platform development services and turn the smartphones of your users into cinema halls. We will help you create a tailored and dynamic OTT application that will make your brand reach its potential. So, what are you waiting for? Empower the power of digitalization with our video streaming app development company and move closer to success and positive results.

Video Streaming
Streaming App

Video StreamingApp Maintenance

Grab the opportunities coming to your business with our video streaming app maintenance service and record a win over brimming competition in the market. While working on issues, errors, bugs, and other problems associated with your existing app, our video streaming app development company will kickstart a fruitful journey for you and help you grow ahead against all those challenges.

Our Video Streaming App Development
Solutions are Versatile

Yes, our video streaming app development company is skilled in building not only one but various solutions that revolve around your service offerings. From the exceptional range of solutions we will bring, choose the best one and derive revenue and impeccable user experience that will lead to your business growth.

Advertise Based Video-on-demand

A live video streaming app development is created for businesses that want to provide their end-users with videos to watch for free instead of making them pay a vast amount of money.

Subscription Video-on-demand

Such solutions are created by our experts at the best video streaming app development company to let users binge-watch their favourite shows, dramas, movies, series, etc., anytime, anywhere by subscribing to the service on a monthly or yearly basis.

Catch-up TV

Users can enjoy their favourite TV shows on their live streaming apps without any disturbance caused by advertisements, all thanks to Catch-up TV. To learn more about the significance of building a Catch-up TV app, get in touch with our technocrats at Techugo.

Transactional Video-on-demand

Users pay for only a significant section, and this type of streaming app is called a transactional video-on-demand app. Get in touch with our video streaming app development app development company to make your app live.

Near Video-on-demand

The expertise we have is scattered to video-on-demand solutions that let users watch their favourite shows and pay-per-view. Tap into the world of opportunities with our video streaming app development company.

Push Video-on-demand

With this kind of video streaming app development solution, users can download their shows and watch them anytime later. Isn’t it interesting? Consider meeting with our video streaming app development company to create this platform.

Video Record

Our Video Streaming App Development Features
Will Make You Record a History

You know what? Most of our live video streaming app solutions are loaded with extensive, impeccable, and intuitive features that lead to better user retention and improved engagement. Here is more we assure you as your tech partner in developing a video streaming app.


The art of reloading an app to shoot to the users’ hearts directly is already acknowledged by our experts at Techugo, a leading video streaming app development company.

Intuitive Design

We create terrific, intuitive, and high-graded designs for both Android and iOS video streaming apps.

Push Notifications

Through this, users can learn about the new shows, videos, discounts, and latest deals on their subscriptions and plans.

Download Videos

Users can download and watch their favourite videos anytime just by downloading an app.

Prime Memberships

Two types of memberships are provided; basic with significant services and prime with all the advanced services.


Users can create their own profiles and secure their login credentials with a one-time password only.

Deals and Discounts

Providing users with some deals and discounts helps you improve your customers’ retention.

Advanced Settings

A menu with advanced settings facilitates users to update the app settings according to their preferences.

Various Categories

Users can locate their favourite shows, niches, and videos using the feature incorporated by our video streaming app development company.


Cloud Computing Integration

Your users can run your app better and faster while integrating cloud computing. To resolve the issues with data storage, it is an essential feature and our video streaming app development company integrates it with ease.

Child Lock

As there is a lot of content available today, some of them can be inappropriate for children. So, our Android video streaming app development company prefers child lock.

Template Customization

Based on their preferences, users can customize their apps and make them appropriate for their uses, all thanks to the template customization integrated by our video streaming app development company.

Comment Section

Techugo provides this feature to let users comment and express their views on the video they watch. It is one of the best features available today and is important for social building and communication.

Screen Sharing

Whether it be online learning, meetings, or any other purpose, screen sharing is necessary in almost all domains. And guess what? Our video streaming mobile app development company will help you integrate the same.

Advanced Filters

Using filters, users can search their most loved shows, videos, music albums, series, etc., seamlessly on their mobile phones and enjoy while binge watching them.

Artificial Intelligence

As AI is breaking ground with its innovative product delivery, it’s time to integrate the same in your live video streaming app while taking support from Techugo.

Social Sharing

Nowadays, users prefer to share their favourite videos and songs with their friends circle, so don’t miss this opportunity and consider this essential feature in your digital solution.

Advanced Features

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Frequently Asked

The cost of developing a video-streaming app depends on multiple factors like app features, functionalities, tech stack, platforms, etc. To know more about it, get in touch with our video streaming app development company.

Yes, our video streaming app development company can help you integrate the essential live video streaming by selecting a programming language, choosing the best hosting service, using a CDN, and media processing software.

At Techugo, we always sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) while building a mobile app or website for our clients and take care of the client’s security. So don’t be worried about this.

We categorize features into advanced and basic ones. While basic features include intuitive design, push notifications, security, deals and discounts, the advanced ones include only child lock, comment section, screen share, advanced filters, etc.

For that, you can use various tactics like advertising, in-app purchases, subscription fees, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, etc. All of these can help you generate a lot of revenue.

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