The Transformation of Indian Dairy: The Next Big Thing?

India is the largest consumer and producer of dairy products. Now that this era demands a shift from traditional to modern business approaches, the dairy industry is stimulated to set the bar with the development of apps like Gyan. It’s time to bid adieu to the daily commute of visiting dairies to get fresh milk! That’s the beauty of milk delivery platform that’ll allow customers to order dairy products at their fingertips via milk ordering app. How? Techugo- a reliable milk delivery app development company have got you!

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Milk Delivery App Development is Offering Countless Benefits to
Consumers and Dairy Businesses.
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For Customers

Easy access
Flexibility of opting for a delivery time
In-app payments
Easy order tracking
Efficient milk subscription
Wallet management
Online generated invoices
Elimination of commute to dairies

For dairy Businesses

Simplified operation
Brand Build
Helps build brand reputation
Higher chances of retaining customers
No limitations to audience targeting
Diminished geographical barriers
A streamlined ordering, processing, and delivery
Access to customer feedback
Reduced operational costs

Robust Monetization Models Have Got Your Back!

Do you want to move in the right direction while planning to adopt an accurate monetization model for your dairy app development?

Reaching out to us at Techugo- a top-notch milk delivery app development company would be your best move! Till then, take a look at the two commonly used business mechanisms:

Featured Listing

It is a business model incorporated by aggregator app owners who feature other retailers within their app in trade for money.

The profit?

While app owners make revenue, retailers receive maximum visibility and enhanced sales.

Sale Advertising

Another exceptional model is sale advertising, which involves running advertisements for other’s products.

The Role of Technology in Revolutionizing the
Indian Dairy

Indeed, mobile apps are the primary reason behind changing flow of wind; however, technology has a massive contribution in enabling dairy businesses and their milk delivery platform to climb the ladder of success. Take a look at some of the best practices:


Key Features of a Milk Delivery Platform

Listed below are some of the best features that a milk delivery app development company can incorporate for you:

Jewel in the Crown’ is the Advanced Features Choice

What’s more that a milk delivery app development company has to offer? Take a look!

PIP Delivery Tracking

PIP delivery tracking accounts for one of the best features amalgamated with a milk delivery platform that presents the real-time location of the delivery status in a floating window.

Push Notifications

It is another terrific mobile app feature of dairy app development that intrigues customers to visit the app and invites engagement. In addition, these notifications can work as order requests, order verification, etc., for the end users.
What’s more? Businesses can also forward coupons, discounts, deals, and much more!

Schedule Delivery

How about letting your customer schedule milk delivery just as they set their reminders?
The ‘schedule delivery’ feature of a milk delivery platform now allows consumers to program the delivery as per their convenience and availability.

Tech Stack Needed for
Milk Delivery App Development

Here’s the tech stack offered by Techugo- the best milk delivery app development company:

  • Android, iOS
  • Apache
SMS Gateway
  • Twilio, TextLocal
Application Language
  • Kotlin, Swift
Cloud Services
  • AWS
Payment Gateways
  • Paytm , Razor Pay, Juspay
  • Node.js
Cloud Database
  • Mongo Atlas
Push Notifications
  • Firebase, Appsflyer, CleverTap
  • Mongo
Data Storage
  • S3 Bucket
  • Angular with HTML5
Data Caching
  • Redis
  • Firebase, Appsflyer, CleverTap

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Frequently Asked

The milk delivery business is highly profitable, and a number of entrepreneurs handling dairy business are now inclined towards digital solutions.

Be it milk delivery app development or any other delivery model, it all comes down to the four components that are marketplace, kitchen, logistics, and feedback.

Milk delivery app development benefits for a business include:

- Ease of access

- Seamless payments

- Extreme flexibility

The development process followed by a milk delivery app development company include:

- Market research

- The blueprint which includes emphasizing features, tech stack, etc

- Design and development

The popular revenue models of milk delivery app development are:

- Commission from orders

- Subscription plans

- Promotional fees

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