3 Business Models for Laundry App Development

On-Site Laundry Services

It is one of the most popular business models for laundry app development as it provides its customers with laundry pick-up and delivery options.

In-Store Laundry Services

This business models allow customers to drop off their clothes at the store and enjoy hassle-free dry cleaning and home delivery services.

Laundry Service Marketplace

This laundry app development business model is a collaborative marketplace that provides cleaning services to customers from their nearby professionals.

The Working Mechanism of
Laundry App Development

For Customers

Filter & Search

Customers can select services based on filters, including price, location, and more.

Order & Schedule

The next step is to add order details and schedule package pickup and delivery.

Seamless Payment

Laundry app development is integrated with multiple payment gateways for app users to choose for easy transactions.

Live Tracking

Once the order is submitted, customers can check the status of their laundry.

For Admin

Order Notification

Once a customer places an order, the admin receives the notification immediately.

Order Information

The entire information about the customer order and details are sent to the admin.

Dispatch Automation

The dispatch status is automatized with the optimized route.


The invoice is generated along with the analytics reports.

Medicine Laundry Apps

Features of Laundry
App Development

Customer App

Login/Sign up
Laundry services management
Category management
Location-based search
Order scheduling and placing
Promo codes
Multiple payment methods
Reviews and ratings

Driver App

Accept/Decline the order
Order detail
Delivery history
Order status update
Payment history
Geo location
Push notifications

Services App

Login/Sign up
Service management
Order detail
Order history
Driver management
Promo code
Profile setting
Customer support

Admin Panel

Dashboard management
Drive management
Delivery management
Support tracking
Review & rating

Steps to Initiate Laundry App Development!

Project Planning

Once you’ve decided to build a laundry app, it’s time to get started with the planning process. Thus, acquire answers to questions like:

- Aim of the app

- Features to be incorporated within the app

- The competitors


Budget Planning

- Now that you have an understanding of your requirements, you need to align your budget as per your needs.

Decide the Project’s Scope

The next step is to emphasize the project scope. Plan the amount of money and resources that’ll be invested from laundry app development to the deployment stage. Furthermore, hire the best laundry app development company to avoid facing any long-term issues.

The Development Stage

Techugo- a top-notch laundry app development company, associates its best tech developers with the project to follow the best design practices, prototypes, and more. Additionally, our QA team ensures that the app is bug-free for its smooth functioning.

App Deployment

The final step is the app deployment. As a leading laundry app development company, we take care of the formalities, and submit all data & documentation.

Why Choose Techugo for Laundry
App Development?

Here’s why you must opt for Techugo- a reliable laundry app development company for your digital laundry solutions:

User-Friendly and Appealing Solutions
Highly Scalable
Secured Payments
Personalized software
Full-Time Support
Intriguing UI

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Frequently Asked

According to reports, the global online on-demand laundry service market size was around USD 16.34 billion in 2021. However, it is projected to touch USD 28.63 billion by the end of 2030.

The advantage of offering services via laundry app development is the low labor costs while there’s a solid consumer base.

Primarily, there are three types of laundry app development that includes:

- Pickup laundry services

- Commercial laundry services

- Dry cleaning services

The functionality offered by a laundry service app development company is as mentioned below:

- Signup

- Search for nearby laundry services

- Location sharing

- Order tracking

- Payment

- Feedback

Some of the core features of laundry app development are one-tap pickup request, scheduling, split payment, set multiple prices, tracking, and cost calculator.

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