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Quantum YOUniversity™
Our intention at Comikids is to ensure that everyone involved and connected to our mission has the support they need to bring our wisdom to the world. To that end, we created Quantum YOUniversity for our franchisees, staff (or vibes as we like to call them), parents, teachers, and anyone else who is attracted to Cosmikids and wants to bring our voice to the world.

You will be thoroughly trained in CosmiKids' outstanding curriculum, teaching and facilitation methods, as well as retail products, and Outreach programs while being guided on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As a franchisee, you will also be trained in all the procedures for running your own CosmiKids' operation.

CosmiKids reflects the new business paradigm with its unwavering commitment to building a values and integrity-driven company that empowers people. Whether you home school your kids, run a nursery school, or own a health club or spa, we want you to have all the tools you need to "be" a Cosmikids disciple and guide our children into a journey of self-discovery.

Please check back often for upcoming program dates. Or if you have an immediate interest click here to send us an email.

With Quantum YOUniversity, you will be thoroughly trained in CosmiKids outstanding curriculum, teaching and facilitating methods as well as every aspect of the CosmiKids experience.

With Quantum YOUniversity, you will not only learn all about the amazing CosmiKids experience; but you will also be empowered and discover more about yourself!

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