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"CosmiKids is a positive experience for our youth."
- Deepak Chopra
Author of over 20 books including The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents and founder of The Chopra Center

Neal Donald Walsh

"I first discovered Cosmikids while on a speaking engagement. The CosmiKids festival was arranged by the attendees to occupy their children while they listened to my seminar. I had some time to check it out and immediately concluded that the children were probably having more fun than their parents were. The first thing I noticed was how involved the kids seemed to be, not just with the games, crafts and events but with each other. There was a calmness and joy that seemed to me to be truly uncommon when a large group of children are focused on fun.

After that first encounter I was curious to learn more and what I know now of their child directed curriculum and philosophy explained my first positive impressions. CosmiKids fills a real void for children and parents when it comes to building confidence, and a positive perspective on life’s everyday challenges. Traits such as courage, intuition, gratitude, and even wisdom are the natural by-products of the CosmiKids experience where self-discovery is the rule, not the exception. I highly recommend to parents that if those traits are important for your child, introduce them to CosmiKids. It’s a gift that will serve them well, their entire life.

Bravo CosmiKids!"
- Neal Donald Walsh
author of best-selling Conversations With God book series

Dr. Emoto

"I think it is great to have this program...If I could be any part of enhancing the wellness of the world through your organization and working in collaboration, I would be forever grateful."
- Dr. Emoto
featured in the acclaimed movie, What The Bleep.


"I can't tell you how blown away I was by your new Cosmikids site. The location is absolutely perfect. The signage is so "Cosmikids". Your people are exceptional. You couldn't have possibly obtained a better group if you had called "Central Casting". Josslyn and Samantha are absolutely perfect people for your first franchisees. They both have the brains, personality, energy and understanding of what Cosmikids is all about. It is amazing. Not that I wasn't totally impressed with you and the concept from the beginning, but to see it is something else.  I truly believe that CosmiKids will not only be a huge success, but change the lives of children, parents and the way people will think about what children really need. I look forward to being there for the big VIP/Celebrity Night on June 15th."
- Don Boroian
Chief Executive Officer, Francorp.


Erik FulkersonGunner Gaddy

"I remember dropping my grandson off at the Cosmikids place and that look on his face kids can give you when they aren't too sure about where you are leaving them. When we picked him up....well we were completely amazed at the incredible and wonderful transformation one day at Cosmikids made for him. His whole attitude, energy, and approach to life were transformed. He had grown, evolved, and surprised us with how much he enjoyed his time with Cosmikids. He couldn't wait to go back!

Our relationship with our grandson has improved so wonderfully thanks to one day at Cosmikids. Thank you so much for this fantastic program!

The following morning after Neale Donald Walsch's evening lecture, the Rabbi whom I met at the lecture was exiting the hotel elevator with his wife and kids. They came up to me and could not thank me enough for the Cosmikids experience. They said their children never before had such a great time, they had to sleep with everything they brought from Cosmikids and they were more excited about Cosmikids than Disneyland!"
- Erik Fulkerson, C.Ht.
President, Soul ExpressionsSM, LLC


"A place were I can express myself, and I think Cosmikids will help change the world."
-Analissa  age 10


"One of the best things I observed from the program was that the facilitators allowed the children to just Be. The array and depth of exercises stimulated thought, creativity and self-expression."
- Debra Derella-Cheren (Parent of Sage age 10)


"When you're child is happy you know it is a success"
- Ivan Cheren


Playing, painting, and digging; "I love having fun".
- Daniel age 4


My fist time attending a Cosmikids event I felt a little uneasy. Wasn't really sure what to expect. My children's excitement, and joy as they played and danced in "Improv." The gleam in their eyes as they learned to express and release their feeling with "balloon deflators." "That something different" I had been looking for is Cosmikids. I guarantee Cosmikids will be on top of your family to-do-list!
- Anita Hurtado


Jaron and Trevor

Jaron says: "I like all the cool activities and how everyone just gets along together; you don't even have to ask their names, you just get along."
- Jaron age 9 and Trevor age 6


My children and I have attended several Cosmikids events, partially because my kids are always asking me, "when are you taking us to Cosmikids again?!" I like going because I feel like one of the kids, making bracelets, painting rocks, sitting in the Rainbow Rooms; I feel like a young girl in a colorful fantasy!
- Angela Moore


"Rated it a "10" and lots of fun"
I loved the mind-body exercises, it was spiritual. Enjoyed making the business...
Free to be and do what you want in a good way.
- Sage (Age 10, Bronx, NY)

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