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Now Showing. The CosmiKids concept is not just great for parents and children, it’s a place where attentive and mindful business owners can make a difference and profits in the process. Recently at the Los Angeles Franchise Expo, a business leader and specialist on new products and services had a few things to say about the Cosmikids program and his expert view on where it was headed.
Become a CosmiKids Franchisee
CosmiKids is looking for professional, well-educated business people and kind-hearted, self-motivated individuals who have a strong family, child, and community orientation. At the same time, they seek active, health-conscious individuals who have the highest personal ethics and integrity. If you are intrigued by the CosmiKids idea and meet the initial investment requirements, we invite you to contact us or click here to fill out an evaluation form and fax to us at (323) 957-1371.

What is the Need for CosmiKids?
Today, there are more than 53 million children in elementary and high schools alone, exceeding the old baby-boom record of 51.6 million set in 1969. The preschool segment is especially robust. More than half, 52%, of our 3- and 4-year olds go to preschool, up from 21% in 1970.

What are the effects of early learning? Several long-term studies have followed graduates of early learning programs through adulthood and conclude that improvements to social and emotional well-being yield greater returns than a focus exclusively on cognitive gains. And quality makes all the difference. Researchers have found that children who attended high-quality programs as 3- and 4-year-olds benefited from their child-care experience in kindergarten and, in many cases, through the second grade.

In a collaborative project with Boston-based Little Sprout Enrichment Centers, CosmiKids was deemed to have effectively increased levels of self-esteem, optimism, relaxation, cooperation, ability to deal with stress, emotional intelligence, and pro-social behaviors for both counselors and children.

The CosmiKids Facility
CosmiKids' storefront locations are generally found in upscale retail areas, close to schools and residential neighborhoods.

Walk in, and you will find yourself in another reality that's a whimsical, Feng Shui-correct wonderland for kids, complete with dazzling light displays, curved room dividers, murals, mobiles, never-before seen décor, and cosmic sights and interactives that dazzle the mind and embrace the soul.

The space is open and inviting, encouraging interaction during the before- and after-school enrichment programs for children of all ages.

Located strategically throughout the main room, called the "Cosmic Theatre," are fascinating activity stations. These Wander-As-You-Wish Stations of Discovery™ are colorful and festive booths designed to present learning content while fostering a sense of independence and self-mastery. Some stations are manned by facilitators, while others allow children to self-explore.

The walkable CosmiKids' Treasure Quest Interactive Board Game leads children through the Stations of Discovery, incorporating fitness activities, thoughtful, reflective questions, powerful affirmations and group interaction along the way.

Core Curriculum
The CosmiKids' Core Curriculum, embodied in the Stations of Discovery, encompasses mind, body, and spirit course offerings in both Child-Directed and Facilitator-Led formats. All CosmiKids' programs begin and end with a group activity, which incorporates healing sounds, setting intentions, circle games, and etiquette.

Retail Opportunities
CosmiKids' franchisees will have the benefit of one of the most innovative retail product lines in the educational arena! Here are some of the exciting items that franchisees will offer for sale to parents, facilitators, teachers, children, and others in the community.

  • Each Station of Discovery experience within the Cosmic Theatre is sold separately and boxed in an innovative and user-friendly Do-It-Yourself™ way. The package comes complete with a set of instructions and add-on extension activities for on-going fun. Regular on-site training and family do-together playtimes offer hands-on learning and supportive group synergies.
  • Cosmikids' Quik-Lift Tips for the heart-centered facilitator is a mini guide book for the enlightened mind, offering on-the-spot suggestions, helpful affirmations and visualization techniques for handling many child-oriented episodes of growth.
  • Cosmic Kids' Treasure Quest Game is an interactive game board that leads participants into a world of self-empowerment and emotional fluency.

CosmiKids Out-of-the-Box
While most CosmiKids' business activity takes place within CosmiKids' facilities, franchisees can offer modular, mobile CosmiKids programs to schools, churches, community organizations, homeschoolers, birthday parties, and other events with CosmiKids Out-of-the-Box. These kits contain CosmiKids' proprietary décor elements, activities, and materials.

The market for these mobile services include a variety of small businesses, such as yoga studios, art centers, gyms, camps, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, spas, theme parks, tutoring centers, and more.

And there are many other wonderful opportunities. Franchisees can offer these tremendous programs to traditional classroom teachers, youth counselors, youth therapists and even to parents looking for at-home or backyard ideas for kids.

What CosmiKids Can Do For You
CosmiKids could mean owning your own leading-edge business as well as teaming up with a group of proven high achievers who have made a name for themselves in the educational arena.

As a CosmiKids' franchisee, you will enjoy a caliber of communication and support rarely found in businesses today. Take a look at just a few of the ways your business will be supported by this caring and spirited organization.

Franchisee Training
You will be thoroughly trained in the CosmiKids' curriculum, teaching and facilitation methods, as well as retail products, and Outreach programs at Quantum YOUniversity™. You will also be trained in all the procedures for running your own CosmiKids' operation while being guided on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. If you love to learn, you will fully appreciate the professional development available once you are part of CosmiKids!

Site Selection
The trained eyes of the CosmiKids' management team have site selection down to a science. There are well-established guidelines to help you select an excellent location - one that's in keeping with the essence of the CosmiKids' concept.

Judy Julin, the Founder of CosmiKids, is a leading marketer and promoter who gained national and international recognition early in her career. Today, under her leadership, CosmiKids is an excellent brand with a distinctive position and compelling creative presence. Franchisees will benefit from a first-class marketing plan, advertising and PR activities, and media knowledge. In addition, franchisee training at Quantum YOUniversity will include powerful principles from Conscious Marketing™ founded by Lisa Cherney, CosmiKids' Director of Marketing and Training.

Global Marketing Services Support
CosmiKids has partnered with Truth - a full-service creative agency specializing in helping companies and brands capitalize on changing market conditions quickly. Truth prepares the marketing and advertising concepts and tools that Franchisees can use to make an immediate impact in their local market. Truth acts as the creative resource for CosmiKids in the areas of concept development, new product introductions, naming, packaging, interactive marketing, strategic planning, and advertising.

Truth delivers creative solutions for a world on the move and maintains clients in consumer electronics, packaged goods, fashion, hi-tech, entertainment and the public sector.

Operations Manual
You will be provided with the comprehensive CosmiKids' Operations Manual. This well organized guide contains thorough information on all facets of running a CosmiKids' franchise including facilities management, staffing, product inventory, and more.

Ongoing Support
CosmiKids reflects the new business paradigm with its unwavering commitment to building a values and integrity-driven company that empowers people. And that means new franchisees will be supplied with the support they need, including start-up counsel, field visits, educational updates, new product news, continuing innovation, and more.

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