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CosmiKids is pleased to announce their newest physical location will be opening soon in the Los Angeles, California area, California. This state-of-the-art facility will feature the latest developments in the CosmiKids curriculum and provide local children with an exciting opportunity to grown and learn. Click here for a blueprint of this new facility.

Click here to download the newest Cosmikids electronic brochure.

Read about the spectacular nature of the CosmiKids design experience in the pages of a leading environmental design magazine. Click here to download this article.

"The franchise centers are environments that will provide to its surrounding community a place of discovery, entertainment, and encounter. The atmosphere of the center, with multi-use zones, will allow children and adults to play, and staff to conduct their enrichment programs and other youth-inspired community outreach programs.

At the franchise center, space warps, expands, and contracts.

Each franchise location will be designed with advanced architectural principles of safety, accessibility and universal design. The wellness educational messages will also be supported with design specifications of environmentally sustainable materials and finishes. By doing this, we hope to convey messages of coexistence that will bring about positive consumer habits in children and parents alike, and a deep awareness for the protection of the Earth.

In the spirit of youth, the centers will adapt and change day by day, no day at the CosmiKids Theater will be alike. Through cutting edge media integration of sound, video, lighting, and immersive multicolor, flexible scenery, the center’s environment will respond and interact with children. Furthermore, the furniture and the curriculum tools “Stations of Discovery” are designed to allow children to customize and transform them as they please.

All Stations of Discovery are minds-on, portable, interactive activities and merchandise products that will provide the franchisee with everything they need to take the messages and ideas of the CosmiKids’ curriculum to many children and communities everywhere. These Stations will inspire, engage and empower children to create and express without boundaries. Through painting, crafting, beading, weaving, touching, listening, seeing, scenting, tasting, acting, mixing, sharing etc; and borrowing materials from the natural world like: seeds, flowers, fibers, rocks, shells, feathers, cool synthetics and amazing fabrics, we intend to multiply children’s sensorial and cultural vocabulary.

We strongly believe that we can provide an environment where creativity and emotional character will thrive, pretty much like our continuing expanding cosmiK universe."

- Cesar Zapata, CosmiKids Creative Director


“The CosmiKids architectural design concept is to create an honest, smart space that will inspire and contribute to the further development and enrichment of all who enter. Thoughts, feelings and love are best shared in a responsive, receptive environment.”

- Guillermo Ascanio, CosmiKids Founding Architect

Click image above to download pdf.
Guillermo Ascanio, Carolyn Kaufman, Judy Julin and Cesar
Zapata reviewing Design Progress, architect's office
in Pittsburgh.
The CosmiKids Theatre
Stations of Discovery
The CosmiKids Lounge Area
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