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CosmiKids' Pioneering Programs - Acting Out!

Developed by Linda Flanders & Dorothy Halla-Poe and founded upon the pioneering work of learning experts: Dr. Stanley Greenspan (Early Childhood Development), Dr. Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligence Theory), Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (Somatic Education) and Ron Davis (Dyslexia and Perceptual Difficulties) CosmiKids’ Acting Out Program teaches such skills as human connection, communication, compassion, self-control, creative conflict resolution, etc., by working with a team to create a movie in which your child has a starring role.

This innovative process is important for all children’s human development:

First of all, it’s fun and engaging. Creating costumes and acting out a part is ageless. Second, it’s developmental by nature. The filmmaking team attaches with one another; communication in the movie is through action, gestures and expressions; everyone learns the limits and boundaries needed to make a movie; and everyone knows it’s pretend: “We are using our imagination”.

Self-control is learned through Somatic Education. Students are physically acting out a role. Our Cosmikids learn to “freeze” for the camera. They gain the internal skill of paying attention to what they are doing and they develop self-control by simply doing it. It’s an actual life experience that is fun, functional and exciting. Everyone learns from it. Acting Out provides a new perspective on life through pretend play. Everyone wants to be a movie star. This movie making process makes it simple, easy and elegant.


Program Developers and Contributors, Linda Flanders and Dorothy Halla-Poe

Linda Flanders

Linda Flanders is the CEO of Taproot, Inc. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, was a San Francisco police detective and is a certified Feldenkrais Somatic Education Teacher. Linda developed The Movie Making Process© as a way to work with children and youth to teach developmental skills in a fun and innovative way. She is a national speaker, published author and independent filmmaker.


Dorothy Hall Poe

Dorothy Halla-Poe is Vice President of Taproot, Inc. She has Master’s Degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Psychology as well as a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. Her book, The Matrix Model, offers the research and foundation of Taproot’s work with atypical children and is the basis of The Movie Making Process©. She is a published author, researcher and curriculum developer.

CosmiKids’ Acting Out! Program will commence November 2007





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