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Our History
Our Team

We would like to thank the following individuals and companies who have helped us bring the CosmiKids world to light. Their support has been and continues to be instrumental in the ongoing development of CosmiKids.

Our sincere thank you to:
Frank Alesia
The Black Eyed Peas (www.blackeyedpeas.com)
Don Boroian, Chairman, Francorp, Inc.
Corrine Champigny (www.blissed.com)
The Chopra Center (www.chopracenter.com)
Todd Corbin
Bruce Coughran
Amber Leigh Dancy
Kent Romney
Sherilyn Fenn
Michele Fetting, for her early on support and guidance.
Francorp, Inc. (www.francorp.com)
Erik Fulkerson, for his ever-present support, networking magic and continuing guidance.
Echo Greywolf
Claudia Hanson
Brian Hardin
Gerry Harrington (www.newspiritualitycommunications.com)
Humanity's Team
Shellie Lee
Susan Leger-Ferraro (www.littlesprouts.com)
Teresa Long
Rebecca McCurley
Marla Metzner Gidlow
Tedi Morales
Sydney Nickell
Peter Okilo
Miriam Parra
Kathleen Pasley
Bennett Peji Design (www.pejidesign.com)
Fabrice Penot (www.lelabofragrances.com)
Adam Rosenoff (www.OneFreeHug.org.)
Fenton Rosewarne, for his brilliant creative, technical and business advice.
Edemir Rossi
SJI Associates (www.sjiassociates.com)
Truth (www.thetruthagency.com)
Bobbi Van
Grace Wilson and Bill Abasolo
Casey Wood
Zuzka (www.zuzka.com)
Lisa Cherney, in appreciation of her marketing, training and coaching expertise & support throughout CosmiKidsí development years.
( www.consciousmarketing.com.)

Participants in our First Quantum YOUniversity Fast Track Training:
Maria Bravo, Adriana Carreon, Barbie Freeman, Suzy Girard, Anita Hurtado, Mark Meyers, Tedi Morales, Uran Snyder, Leela Sullivan

Our tireless Comikids Festival Volunteers:
JoAnn Armenta, Brandi Callison, Rudy Carreño, Adriana Carreon, Candy Cazares, Wendy Crannage, Connie & Ray Diaz, Angela Douglas, Dorit Dyke, Tina Grouws , Kristen Hood, Shabree Hood, Anita Hurtado, Heidi Jagschitz, Henrik Kozlowski, Alysha Sixsmith Lacey, Michele Little, Elivia Melodey, Angela Moore, Michael Morales, Luis Renteria, Lina Reuda, Irma Reuter, Jeannette Rodriguez, Anastasia Rozhkova, Diana Shields, Pat Terrones, Susan Tymko, Miguel Vasquez, Tracey Walmsley and all of the children!

All The Initial Curriculum Developers:
Robert Ballentine, Jack Broudy, Alessandra Colfi, Todd Corbin, Melissa Lozado, Andrew Oser, Laulin Osher and Andrea Spinner

Current CosmiKids Curriculum Developers:
Judy Julin, Sherilyn Fenn, Sandra Sedgbeer, Uran Synder, Cesar Zapata and specialized child development consultants.

All Cosmikids initial investors and supporters...

Current curriculum influencers also include:
Carolyn Kaufman www.thechildrenoftoday.org
Dr. Masaru Emoto www.hado.net
Lynne Twist www.soulofmoney.org
Dr. Deepak Chopra www.chopra.com
Neale Donald Walsch www.nealedonaldwalsch.com
Don Beck www.spiraldynamics.net
Barbara Marx Hubbard http://www.evolve.org/pub/doc/footer_about_fce.html
Linda Cooper http://www.lindacoopergargens.com
Michele Blood (www.musivation.com) for her continuing support and her magnificent self-esteem cd for children, "I Can Do It!"

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