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Our objectives are to enrich children's minds, bodies and spirits in the following ways:

  • Mind
    To provide activities that strengthen mental capacities, and contribute to balanced, compassion-based decision-making, clear, direct and honest communications, deep-listening, imagination, enhanced memory, intellectual capacity, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork and positive thinking.
  • Body
    To provide physical experiences for CosmiKids participants that through strengthening the body, they also build self-esteem, coordination, balance, confidence and ultimately a sense of empowerment that links the physical body with inner strength.
  • Spirit
    To provide enlightening activities that allow participants to uncover and explore their own spiritual nature and discover their capacities for self-healing, the power of intention, their own unique qualities, their special aim in life, compassion, their capacity for love and understanding, positive visualization and inner peace.

To accomplish this, CosmiKids utilizes a multitude of core modules, or Stations of Discovery, each offering the child a creative opportunity to integrate their heads, hearts and bodies for a fulfilling and positive experience that promises a lasting impact.

The modules are categorized according to their basic objective - Mind, Body or Spirit - and are either Child-Directed (CD) or Facilitator-Led (FL). The stations can be alternated in and out of the environment to provide a continually evolving arena for self-exploration. Also, within the stations themselves, children may have numerous different experiences each time they visit.

At the Child-Directed (CD) stations the children explore, research, ask questions and lead their own discovery. These child-driven activities engender a sense of freedom, independence and self-mastery. Facilitators man some of the stations while others offer individual participative and exploratory experiences without guidance, depending upon the ages of the children. The CD Stations of Discovery offer more of a personal/intuitive experience and discovery time for participants.

The Facilitator-Led (FL) Workshops include more formal interaction between CosmiKids facilitators and interested participants. Although facilitators lead these sessions, the flow of the program is still child-oriented, offering a flexible, responsive curriculum. FL Workshops are announced and all are welcome to attend. Although, children can choose not to attend the workshop and continue along a more independent path though the CD stations as long as they choose.

CosmiKids offers half-day camps, outdoor day-long family festivals, after-school and age-appropriate sessions as well as open times when children of all ages may come and go at their pleasure. CosmiKids can also arrange for private functions such as birthday parties, special group sessions, drop-and-shop or church-related gatherings.

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